One Refuge Church

IMG_6269Five weeks ago, Josh & Lori Harper took over One Refuge Church. Lori asked me to come speak and it was amazing! It Is really hard to put into words! So many people left with hope! Some left with hope for physical healing and some with hope for spiritual healing. The Holy Spirit was welcome there and He showed up in a powerful way!

I can’t share this in person without crying. I’m even crying as I type this out! This is Tracy, the owner of the beauty school I went to in Hot Springs. That was my season of relapse after relapse. After I would go on a meth binge, I would disappear from school for a few days. Instead of kicking me out, Tracy would pull me in her office and speak encouragement over me! She always believed in me! When we started the book signing, Tracy was the first one in line to see me. She looked me in the eyes and told me that she was proud of me. I lost it when she said that she remembered when I met Jon. It was so special! And she bought 25 copies for the girls at the beauty school!



fullsizeoutput_aaa0What its all about!


One of the first testimonies I got about the book were about a girl named Lynsey. She is currently serving a 5 year sentence in jail because of drugs. Her mom, Wendy, gave her a copy of Worth the Pain before she went in and Lynsey loves the book! We are praying and believing that God will transform her and break every chain that holds her captive! She has two beautiful kids. A 3 year old son, who is being raised by Lynsey’s cousin, McKenzie and a 7 year old daughter that is being raised by her mom, Wendy.


 I loved getting to meet every single one of these ladies!


I could not have done this without these three beautiful women by my side!! They were such a strength and support! My sister-in-law, Edna Youngblood, and two friends from my church, Tyler McDaniel and M’Lynn Tillery.


Such cuties!



No trip back home would be complete without a Jen and Juice reunion. This is the Jennifer from the book. My best friend through every season. She is in need of a miracle in her health and I am declaring in Jesus name that we are going to see Him do it! When I wrote the book, I didn’t know it would minister to Jennifer so much. I didn’t know it would light a fire that no illness could put out! Her story is her own to tell, but when she married her husband, they were both wild, party-goers, for at least 12 years of their marriage. One day, Jenn decided to surrender her life to Christ, but the life of her husband is still one of her hardest battles. She gets up for church and goes alone. She carries the kids to church, but they don’t understand why dad isn’t going. No matte what, I know the story isn’t over. Her husband is going to find his way to The Lord and when that happens, they will be unstoppable!

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